MUBAS VC Inspires Central High International 2022 Awardees

News   Paul Mphepo   November 4, 2022
PIC: MUBAS VC, CHI staff and awardees
The Vice Chancellor of Malawi University of Business and Applied Sciences (MUBAS), Associate Professor Nancy Chitera, has urged awardees at Central High International to be confident, effective communicators and to have good character in order to succeed academically.

Associate Professor Chitera said this on Wednesday, 2nd November, 2022, when she presided over as Guest of Honor at Central High International School Prize Giving Ceremony, an annual event that recognizes students’ outstanding performances.

In her inspirational talk titled ‘Success is Predictable’, the MUBAS Vice Chancellor said students’ determination and drive for excellence lead to a successful academic journey.

Chitera hinted that there are certain skills and attributes that every successful individual should possess regardless of his/her field.

Quoting Brian Tracy’s ‘No Excuses’ Chitera said: “Success is indeed predictable. You succeed when you do what other successful people do over and over again until it becomes your habit.”

In her speech, the MUBAS VC focused on what she termed 3Cs: Communication, Confidence, and Character.

“Students in sciences tend to ignore communication, yet for one to come out successful in any academic class or even to get the best scholarship, one must be able to express oneself clearly through oral, written, and nonverbal communication,” Chitera explained.

Chitera also said that when one is able to communicate effectively, s/he builds confidence—a belief in one’s ability to succeed. She, however, urged the awardees to avoid too much confidence as overconfidence may make them appear arrogant and subsequently lead to their stumble.

She also emphasized on the need for good character: “Bad character will bring you down whilst good character will carry you up the success ladder”, said Chitera.

The event saw 106 students receive their awards for coming top in all subjects, Cambridge Checkpoint, IGCSE, and A-Level examinations.

Among the awardees, 39 were boys representing 36.8% and 67 were girls representing 63.2%.


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