University Librarian Office

If there is no library, there is no Polytechnic, and there is no library without a librarian. It is for this this reason that the office of the college librarian is arguably the most relevant office at the Polytechnic. Whereas a student could conceivably go through their entire four years at the Polytechnic without ever having gone to the principal’s office, most cannot go a week without visiting the library. The college librarian reports to the principal of the Polytechnic and is responsible for the senior assistant librarian and other support staff as may be employed at the library. Simply put, the holder of this office must provide efficient and effective library services. 

This involves developing, implementing and monitoring library policies, plans, standards, strategies and procedures. Also, he or she must foster the safety and security of the resources at the library, seeing to it that both teaching and learning requirements are available, including the management of new library resources and technologies. The librarian must develop, evaluate and maintain acquisition, cataloging and readers services.  

All these responsibilities mean the college librarian must also be a good bookkeeper, so to speak. He or she must see to it that the provision of services stays within the prescribed budget. 

Office Contact Details

Physical Address MUBAS Main Campus - Library Building
Postal Address Private Bag 303, Chichiri, Blantyre 3.
Phone 01873861