Pledge to serve and unite -Mlowoka

News   Hazviperi Mbizi   July 22, 2019
PIC: Mlowoka
During the recent polls that took place on Friday 19th July, at the Polytechnic Main Lecture Theatre, a fourth year Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronics Engineering student Kunozga Mlowoka has emerged the winner as the Polytechnic Student Union (PSU) President.

Mlowoka who got 854 votes, beat his opponent Benson Makoloni who got 740 votes in total. Victor Nkhambule won the Vice President position while the General Secretary and Financial Controller positions went to Dalitso Nicodimo and Christopher Chapola respectively.

Speaking after the announcement, the incumbent president expressed his excitement by citing that the journey has been worth it.

“I feel tremendously overwhelmed. The support I received is what has made me victorious. I owe my gratitude to everybody that has worked with me so far,” Mlowoka said.

Speaking on why he thinks he has been victorious, Mlowoka said that he believes that staying on campus for four years has made him build relationships with a lot of people.

“I have also served with Polytechnic United Christian Congregation (UCC ) as a Chairperson for over  two years, hence I believe the passionate leadership I demonstrated was also a contributing factor,” he explained.

The president further highlighted the plan of continuing the implementation of ideas of proactively working towards elevating the current state of the needy students, an initiative that was spearheaded by the former president Japhet Nthala.

“I pledge to serve this community well by recognizing the diverse grouping and their needs on campus. I will try my best to unite them towards a common goal,” Mlowoka said.

According to the Polytechnic Election Chairperson Sekani Sidira, the elections were fair and credible though they encountered some challenges.

Sidira acknowledged the support and the team spirit, which she has experienced when working with her committee throughout the elections. 


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