MUBAS Hosts 2O21 Indaba X Malawi Conference

News   Joseph Ulemu   July 26, 2021
PIC: Delegates at the conference
The much-awaited 2021 INDABA X Malawi Conference, hosted by CIT department has ended on a promising note.

It took place from July 22-23 2021 in the ICT/ ODeL Auditorium building,

This year’s conference was held and commemorated under the theme; “Machine Learning for Biodiversity and National Heritage”. The event brought together people from all walks of life including students, lecturers, researchers and industry experts interested in Deep Machine Learning. 

According to one of the patrons, Dr. Amelia Taylor who is also an Artificial Intelligence Lecturer at MUBAS, the second two day-long INDABA X Malawi workshop has been a success, as it has hit the intended purpose.

She explained, “2021 INDABA X Malawi has been more fruitful than we thought, especially in the wake of Covid-19 pandemic. The conference, among others, covered the application of Machine Learning to things like protecting the environment, wildlife and birds. It also touched on language which is preserving culture for national heritage. Due to travel and other logistical challenges, the event was held in individual countries.”

During the conference, people from different disciplines shared feasible and effectual ideas on the significance of Deep Machine Learning. This in turn enables members and participants to apply such knowledge gained to deal with educational, health, environmental and other grueling challenges people face in Malawi and Africa. 

INDABA X Malawi is an offshoot of Deep learning INDABA X, an annual African-wide event supported by an organization called INDABA X. It is composed of people from Africa working in Machine Learning all over the world, who want to support the growth of communities in all spheres of life within Africa. The event was first run in Malawi in 2019 and this was for the second time.

For further information, recordings and slides visit the indaba website on;


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