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Kadewere Triumphs Again!
June 24, 2021, Hazviperi Mbizi
Kadewere Triumphs Again!

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MUBAS conduct ODeL awareness

News   Hazviperi Mbizi   December 14, 2021
PIC: Dr Mgawi making a presentation
The Department of Open Distance and E- Learning (ODeL) at MUBAS organized an awareness campaign workshop which targeted different sections of staff members.

The aim of the workshop was to highlight how the ODeL operations are conducted since it is a new mode of delivery which has just been introduced.

It was organized in partnership with Strengthening Higher Education Access in Malawi Activity (SHEAMA) who sponsor some students in the ODeL progammes with funding from United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

The workshop was conducted from 13th to 14th December, 2021 where staff members were taken through the structure of ODeL programmes already rolled out and those to be in the near future.

According to the ODeL Coordinator Dr Rabson Mgawi, MUBAS is currently running 3 programmes namely: Certificate in Electrical Installation, Bachelor of Education Business Studies and  University Certificate in Education. 

He further said that some members of staff were not aware of the existence of these programmes hence could not assist the students accordingly once they get on campus.

“ODeL students have been facing a lot of challenges on campus, by not being treated fairly like face to face students by both staff members and students,” said Dr Mgawi.

SHEAMA’s ODeL Director Nertha Semphere Mgala explained that it is their objective to support ODeL in the country. So far it is working with public universities by giving scholarships to those successful and less privileged so that they should also have access to higher learning.

While on the other hand, SHEAMA is also working with CRECCOM whose main role is to work with the rural communities in the publicity and awareness of how they can benefit once they enroll with the public universities in the ODeL mode of delivery.

The workshop was patronized by departmental heads, clerical and technical staff members plus deans.



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