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MUBAS conducts Vice Chancellor’s Trophy Awards

News   Joseph Ulemu   September 24, 2021
PIC: Associate Professor Chitera presenting the Trophy to Engineering representatives
The Faculty of Engineering has been awarded the 2021 MUBAS Vice Chancellor’s Trophy for being triumphant in the inter-faculty tournament which took place from 10th-12th September 2021.

The tournament, brought together all faculties and members of staff to contest for the trophy. The participants contested in various sports disciplines such as; Netball, Football, Volleyball, Darts, Table Tennis and Chess. 

It was sponsored by the office of the Vice Chancellor. 

Speaking during the Trophy award ceremony held on September 22nd 2021, Acting Vice Chancellor, Associate Professor Nancy Chitera lauded the staff members and students’ turnout during the tournament. She further encouraged students to invest in sporting activities as they benefit a lot in one’s academic life.

“Sports is also embedded in one of the pillars of the institution. We want to be a pace-setter in building students character such that in every fight for transformation of the institution, sports will be included. As part of supporting sports, we have put up a proposal to government for finances to build a sports complex. We already have the structural design of the Sports Complex” said Chitera.

On his part, MUBAS Sports Administrator, Chifundo Tenthani expressed his appreciation and gratitude to the MUBAS management’s support in sporting activities. 

“We are really grateful for the intervention. Sports is important for students’ physical and mental health and therefore the need for sports cannot be overemphasised.” Tenthani said.

The Student Council Sports Director Peace Nkhata thanked management for providing them with accommodation, transportation and food whenever the teams have to travel for games.

In an interview, awardees, Brian Allan Nyirenda, also thanked the Vice chancellor for recognising the sports and its benefits through sponsorship of the tournament. He however asked for more support in terms of sporting materials, transport issues during away games among others.

During the presentation of the trophy, many outstanding students were awarded medals for their performances.





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