Surveying Computer Laboratory Technician (1 position)

Vacancy   June 15, 2022
Human Resource
June 24, 2022    [ Receiving Applications Closed ]

The position is tenable in the Land Surveying Department. 


  1. Preparing the laboratory prior to any practice session.
  2. Providing safety of the laboratory equipment at all times.
  3. Sharing the precautionary measures before lab session.
  4. Checking that all the required software are available at least before the commencement of the first semester.
  5. Demonstrating the proper use of different software and techniques to students during laboratory sessions.
  6. Liaising with lecturers on their laboratory requirements before semester commencement.
  7. Liaising with lecturers on lab timetable before the commencement of the semester.
  8. Supervising students in field data collection and processing.
  9. Supervising students on attachment as scheduled.
  10. Arranging for servicing and repairing of laboratory equipment whenever due.
  11. Taking stock of all equipment before and after lab session.
  12. Supporting students in their research work whenever assigned.

Qualifications & attributes 

  1. Candidates should possess a minimum of Diploma in Land Surveying or its equivalent plus 3 years of relevant experience.
  2. Applicants should possess advanced knowledge and extensive familiarity with the use of CAD, GIS and photogrammetry/remote sensing software, used in various types of surveys, like construction, geodesy, cadastral Surveying, etc.
  3. Applicants should have theoretical knowledge and experience in terms of use of current survey technologies like drone, GNSS equipment, Total Station, Laser Scanner, etc.
  4. Applicants should have experience in terms of data processing downloaded from current survey technologies like drone, GNSS equipment, Total Station, Laser Scanner etc.


Applications together with copies of relevant qualifications and detailed curriculum vitae with three traceable referees should be sent to




P/Bag 303,


Blantyre 3.

Applications should be in by 24th June 2022.