Bachelor of Arts in Journalism

Bachelor of Arts in Journalism
School of Education, Communication and Media Studies
4 years
Bachelors Degree

Admission Criteria Requirements

The selection of applicants is based upon consideration of individual academic achievement. In the case of mature entry candidates, work experience is also taken into account. Entry to the programme is open to applicants who meet the following criteria:

Normal entry candidates: 

  • Six MSCE/O-level credits including English and at least a pass in Mathematics, or
  • AS Certificate with a B-B-B-B grade combination including English and Mathematics, or
  • NS Certificate with a 6-6-6-6 grade combination including English and Mathematics.

Mature entry candidates:

  • Diploma in Journalism or Mass Communication from a recognised institution (i.e. internationally recognised universities and those recognised by the Government of Malawi and African Commonwealth Universities); and
  • MSCE/O-level with at least 4 credits including English and any other social science subjects; and 
  • At least 2 years relevant work experience.