Students Society of Banking and Finance

Alternative Name SSOBAFS
Type Academic
Membership Type Students
Contacts 0888405933/ 0881818591
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Any student studying Bachelor of Commerce degree in banking and finance and under Faculty of Commerce at the Malawi polytechnic can become a member upon payment of subscription fee. In addition, the patron and the director of clubs and societies automatically become members.


Khumbo Chilimila, who is the current vice president, and Ian Taulo, who is the current financial controller, suggested that we, the first cohort of banking and finance, should establish a student association. The class welcomed the idea, and later the president and vice president were nominated by the class to head the society. The president and vice president came up with the executive committee to assist them in running the society. This year the society has registered with the Polytechnic Students Union (PSU), and it is also in the process of registering with the Bankers Association of Malawi (BAM).

Major Goals of SSOBAFS

  • To expose banking and finance students to what will be their future profession through various events and provide them with opportunity to network, create their personal brand, and build a competitive advantage. 
  • To link banking and finance students with professional bankers and financers for mentorship and place them in good position when seeking employment.         

Activities of SSOBAF

As our society is newly formed, the executive committee is collecting data on what activities are fit for the association. 

Leadership of SSOBAF

The society is composed of executive members as follows:

  • The President - Daires Sulamoyo
  • The Vice President - Khumbo Chilimia
  • The General Secretary - Mercy Chome
  • The Financial Controller - Ian Taulo
  • The Executive Officer - Florence Kamanga
  • The Second Year Representative - Mac Andrew Kachewo
  • The First Year Class Representative - Fortune