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The good life festival

News   Poly News   August 21, 2017
For a long time students at the Polytechnic have been enjoying a social gathering that is aimed at providing an interaction between students, who are divided by different faculties of study at the college commonly known as the social weekend.

This social gathering however is not enjoyed by every student on campus simply because of different beliefs in faith. As  a matter of fact some students feel alienated this time of the semester because they do not find a chance to interact with their fellow students in the same way social weekenders do. 

Looking at the situation at hand, Christians in the Polytechnic Church decided to come up with an event that aims at drawing Christians and other non-believers together. This event is called the Good Life Festival. 

The Good life festival is not a confrontation to the social weekend, as it does not force anybody to be apart of it. By virtue of being in tandem with the secular event it is there to act as a balance and offer a variety from which one can decide the event to attend. The venue of the festival clearly displays that there is no intention of causing havoc as it is hosted at the Chichiri campus, which is a few kilometers away from the main campus where the social weekend takes place. 

The festival seeks to embrace the culture we have as Malawians as there are a number of activities that take place at the festival, which include music, games, poetry, dance as well as selling of assorted traditional food. This initiative takes a step further as it allows parents to come visit and partake in the event. 

These parents interact with students more thereby sharing experience and advice. This will encourage discipline in the lives of the students as they will be aware that whatever they do will have consequences on both their lives as well as those looking up to them. It is just a cliché that college students are grown and can make decisions on their own, some fail to govern their lives properly hence need special guidance and counseling something the festival will be offering.

The Festival is simply a retreat. As children of God, we must gather under one roof as Psalms 133:1 says, “Behold how good and pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in harmony”. We want people from outside, and kids to come and interact with us. We will discuss pressing issues affecting us youth and possibly figure out a way on how to curb our problems. This can only happen at a place where people are sober minded and calm. There will be Question and Answer forums on which guest preachers, full of the knowledge of the word of God, will answer all our questions and direct us to the right way.

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