Teach to motivate –Dr Susuwere

News   Hazviperi Mbizi   September 12, 2019
PIC: Delegates pose after the ceremony
The Faculty of Education and Media studies at The Polytechnic, on September 6, 2019 conducted a graduation ceremony for secondary school technical education teachers and inspectors who attended a workshop called ‘Improving Secondary School Education in Malawi.'

Speaking during the ceremony after presenting certificates to 39 participants, the Minister of Education Science and Technology, Honourable Dr. William Susuwere Banda, MP explained that Malawi should start appreciating the respectable role teachers perform.

“My message to you is that you should go and make a difference so that students should feel motivated by their teachers,” he advised the participants.

The Minister further instructed them to be supportive to their learners by not challenging them at any cost. 

The participants were doing refresher courses on metal work, woodwork, and workshop practice plus machine and tool maintenance.

Commenting on the proposal by one the participants about the government’s initiative to increase technical schools in the country, the Minister highlighted that the State President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika is emphasizing on the technical subjects hence the introduction of technical schools.

The UNIMA Chairperson Rev Dr Billy Gama thanked the Minister for his presence and support he renders to UNIMA.

“The Technical department has done assessments in terms of training, logical and skills of teaching in line with the secondary school curriculum evident for the development methodology and delivery of the training program,” Dr Gama said.

The Principal of the Polytechnic Professor Grant Kululanga added that the participants have been highly trained with expertise so that they should transfer the same professional knowledge to the students for the development of the country.

One of the participants Cryton Tambala a Quality Assurance Inspector of secondary schools hailed the workshop citing that it has been an eye opener in various areas.



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