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News   Chikondi Chingota   September 17, 2019
PIC: Walani
A fourth year Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering student Chikumbutso Walani, and a grouping called Youngstars Nation, indulged in a Carrier Guidance session on Monday, September 16, 2019 at the Christ Embassy in Blantyre

Walani explained that in his four years at the University he has noticed the challenges and lack of proper information that students have when choosing a career. This eventually prompted him to join hands with the Youngstars Nation in trying to guide those venturing in University the wise way of choosing their career.

“Most aspirants are influenced by the pressure from their parents or friends or lack of helpful information which later lead them to take career paths that are not of their interests,” Walani said.

In the career guidance session Walani urged the young hopefuls that they need to learn what they are good or best at, explaining that it will help propel them to make wise decisions when choosing the programs they want to excel in in College.

“You need to identify yourself what you are good at. You need to understand your hobby and talent because that will guide you into choosing your career path. It is not the type of employment that matters it is you utilizing your skills on daily basis,” urged Walani. 

Walani explained that this Career Guidance session is different from those done by others. He highlighted that they do not only elaborate to the youth what programs are in the Universities but also teach and train them how to recognize and spot their talent.

One of the hopefuls interviewed narrated that the experience has benefitted them a lot and vowed to share the knowledge they have gained with those that were unable to reach the venue.

In the session Walani was joined by the president of the Youngstars Nation Michael Wase who later explained that he was encouraged with the turnout of the youth to the session. He added that they are planning to have another Career Guidance session early October in Lilongwe. 


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