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Poly Student Helps Preserve Environment

News   Hazviperi Mbizi   December 20, 2020
PIC: Saukani working in his nursery
In an effort to help in dealing with deforestation in his area, a Polytechnic Technical Education student, Simeon Saukani during the holiday, decided to plant different types of tree seedlings in a nursery to distribute to the community once they have reached the planting stage.

“I am growing tree seedlings and my target is to reach 5000. Currently, I have 3090 tree seedlings. My intention is to try to restore the environment. You know, people cut trees again and again without replacement,” Saukani said.

Saukani who comes from Kamphata in Lilongwe, outlined that he decided to start a tree nursery in his area in order to try to restore nature which he says has been destroyed by carelessly cutting down of trees for domestic use. 

“Knowing that deforestation brings huge problems in future, I have started with Blue gum, Mthethe, Acacia,india and M'mphando which I intend to distribute to the people in my area to plant in order to replace the ones they have destroyed,” says Saukani.

In his project, Saukani meets challenges like lack of enough water and the irrigating materials; lack of money to buy seeds and plastic tubes, lack of good land that can be well managed and also a good secured land to avoid animals and people to either damage or steal the seedlings.


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