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Catholic alumni fundraise for needy students
October 25, 2018, Mercy Garnet & Chapter Banda
Catholic alumni fundraise for needy students

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News   Chikondi Chingota   February 24, 2020
PIC: Manyozo, making the presentations
The Society for Friends of Environment and Technology (SOFET) had a ‘Semester Refresher Business Talk Hour where a second year, Bachelor of Business Administration student, Martin Manyozo made a presentation.

Manyozo who also happens to be the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Creative Minds, and Apex Limited plus Founder of Manyozo Enterprise   made the speech and motivational talk on Tuesday, February, 18 2020 in the Physical Laboratory1 room. 

The topic was ‘Creating an Entrepreneurship Mind-Set for A Better Malawi’. Manyozo preached to the gathering that creating a better Malawi is possible through the innovations from what the students learn in class.

“Some people think we can only build a better Malawi through politics but am telling you that we can also build a better Malawi through what we learn here at school and be able to implement and apply all that on the ground,” said a defiant Manyozo.

“Every single problem is a business and every business is a problem, if Malawi has so many problems it equals that there are so many businesses out there that you can flourish in,” Manyozo exclaimed.

In some of the many points he raised, Manyozo told the audience that it is paramount to do what you love and what you are passionate about to make a difference in the society.

One of the students that attended; Trizer Chimwaye, who is in third year studying Environmental Science and Technology said she was encouraged and learned a lot from the event.

“Most times in class we learn theoretical stuff but it was refreshing this time around to hear from someone with the experience of actual stuff on the ground. We have learned a lot,” said Chimwaye.


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