PhD Studentship - Call for applications (Inspire Project)

Academic   Inspire Project   November 2, 2023

We have an opportunity for two Ph.D. positions in the areas of health informatics. Students will primarily work at MUBAS with Dr. Amelia Taylor but will have cross-institute support from partners such as LSHTM and APHRC. There are currently two active projects that the student can be a part of. The INSPIRE project uses OHDSI ( tools for data standardisation and predictive analysis on longitudinal population data. The project is funded by the Welcome Trust. Health organisations and hospitals consistently generate a large and diverse volume of data, which holds immense value for patients and research endeavors. The field of health informatics research, which is rapidly advancing, has introduced various ideas, algorithms, and standards to support this progress. Nevertheless, the intricate connections, intricate terminologies, and diverse implementations can pose challenges for individuals aiming to become involved in this field. In the INSPIRE project, we use the OHDSI ecosystem of health informatics tools. This covers a broad range of research areas:

  • Data anonymisation
  • Data standardisation and data provenance;
  • Data harmonisation and data sharing.
  • Predictive analytics
  • Decision support systems
  • Data Visualisation and cataloguing

Full advert attached.

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