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Extractive Industry seminar focuses on bridging gap that exist
November 27, 2018, Chapter Banda
Extractive Industry seminar focuses on bridging gap that exist

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MUBAS students launch No School Dropout campaign in Lilongwe

News   Chapter Banda   July 28, 2021
Malawi University of Business and Applied Sciences (MUBAS) students from various faculties recently launched a No School Dropout (NoSD) campaign among primary and secondary schools drop out students in Tradition Authority Kabudula in Lilongwe.

The NoSD initiative is aimed at encouraging those students who dropped out from various education levels either primary or secondary to return to their studies. The project is initiated by Initiative for Scholars Development (IfSD) organisation which was founded by MUBAS students.

In an interview with the organization’s director and co-founder, McDonald Mapulesi who is a third-year student and studying a Bachelor of Science in Mining Engineering, said that they thought it wise to organize the NoSD campaign in order to promote education in the area as there are high school dropout rates. 

“As a team of University students, we thought it wise to organize this initiative in T/A Kabudula after we noted that school dropout rates among the youths are booming. Through our No School Dropout (NoSD) campaign we believe that we will increase the number of school returnees as we are motivating them the importance of going back to school,” Mapulesi explained.

Mapulesi further outlined the reasons why there is high school dropout rates in the area. Among others, he pointed out; poverty, lack of role models, peer pressure, early pregnancy, child labour, parents dislike of school, laziness of the child, loss of parents, forced marriages and distance to school.

He added that to achieve their goal they are working with various stakeholders such as teachers, parents, chiefs, community-based duty bearers, local leaders and the government. 

“We are willing to offer every support as long as we can ensure that no one is left behind and no one drops out of school,” he said.

 During the initiative launch, 10 youth clubs shade more light on reasons behind high school dropout rates among their peers. They did it through focus groups discussion at Kabudula secondary school in Lilongwe.


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