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Poly Awards City and Guilds Students
December 17, 2020, Hazviperi Mbizi
Poly Awards City and Guilds Students

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MUBAS Students in Environmental Internet of Things

News   Hazviperi Mbizi   September 29, 2021
PIC: Mlundira and Banda pose with Dr Kamndaya (C)
Two MUBAS students have developed an artificial intelligence system called Deep Clean which aims at addressing some of the environmental problems that are affecting the globe.

The project which is being developed and programmed by Blessings Mlundira, an Information Technology final year student and Towera Grace Banda, an Environmental Health student also in her final year was showcased at the Faculty of Applied Sciences Symposium by the duo.

According to Mlundira Project Deep clean’s main objective focuses on achieving a clean, healthy and sustainable environment.

“We are conducting research and using deep learning artificial intelligence to combat some of the biggest challenges faced in the environment, these issues also affect our health, so we are taking a stand to improve the quality of life by making management of waste much easier, these solutions can be applied at industrial level and consumer applications ” said Mlundira 

Solutions which have been developed by project deep clean include an automatic waste classification app which classifies different kinds of waste in real time using cameras. 

“We included a deep learning virtual assistance called Eliza so that people can interact with it at a deep human level and help spread environmental awareness and education using voice interactions, text, social media and phone calls” added Mlundira.

The Dean of the Faculty of Applied Science Dr Mphatso Kamndaya hailed the duo for coming up with this project which he says is of very high standard. He encouraged the students to scale it up further so it should help solve a lot of environmental challenges.

Their goal is come up with a number of functions which the project can perform to increase its effectiveness towards rectifying environmental issues in the country.

They are appealing for support either expertise, professional or financial from well wishers so that they can upgrade the project.More details on:   Blessings can be contacted on 0882211752


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