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            MUBAS students launch No School Dropout campaign in Lilongwe
July 28, 2021, Chapter Banda
MUBAS students launch No School Dropout campaign in Lilongwe

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MUBAS Student masters in Internet of Things

News   Hazviperi Mbizi   September 22, 2021
PIC: Zatha receiving his award and presents from a Macra official while Dr Ndenguma looks on
In a quest of producing innovative human capital, a fourth-year student studying Bachelor of Education and Business Studies Joseph Zatha, has developed a Till processing computer program which could be used in various shops in the country.

With this project, he received an award at the 2021 Education and Media Studies Symposium where he demonstrated how it operates.

The program has for now two users who happen to be the administrator and a mere employee.

The Till Processing program does not need a scanner, the administrator can conduct operations such as; adding Products, adding users like other employees, adding customers, viewing product list, selling price and many more.

According to Zatha, once the employee has been given access by the Administrator, he is able to view product details, record customer orders and generate profit/loss.

“The system stores all details entered in a database file and retrieve them when needed,  it is also able to calculate  transactions by indicating the profit or loss made on a particular product,” explained Zatha

Zatha further said that the program is projected  to provide an alert when a product has run out of stock and needs to be re ordered.

His vision is to scale it up so that it should be able to conduct a number of functions so that he should sell it to shop owners in the country and beyond. He can be contacted on  0884 99 17 77


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