MUBAS showcases remarkable developments during Media Tour

News   MUBAS   June 30, 2023
PIC: WET Building: One of the Buildings constructed at MUBAS under HEST Project
In an effort to highlight the significant strides being made by public universities in Malawi towards the realization of Malawi 2063, a media tour was conducted across various institutions. On 29 June 2023, the focus was on the Malawi University of Business and Applied Sciences (MUBAS), where key developments were showcased to demonstrate the institution's commitment to human capital development and national progress.

The media tour provided an opportunity for journalists and stakeholders to witness firsthand the ground-breaking projects and initiatives that have been undertaken at MUBAS. These projects have received funding from the Malawi Government through the PSIP as well as other important stakeholders such as the World Bank through SDP and SAVE projects, and the African Development Bank through the HEST Project. 

Among the notable developments showcased during the tour were the impressive WET building, the ongoing rehabilitation of hostels, and the cutting-edge Mining Laboratories in the state-of-the-art School of Engineering. These projects serve as a testament to MUBAS's dedication to providing world-class facilities and infrastructure to support high-quality education and research.

In her remarks during the media tour, the Vice-Chancellor for MUBAS emphasized the university's unwavering commitment to contributing towards the realization of Malawi 2063. She highlighted the importance of human capital development in driving the country's progress and expressed the university's determination to produce highly skilled graduates equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to meet the challenges of the future.

The Vice-Chancellor also expressed gratitude to the Malawi Government and the various funding partners for their support in making these developments possible. She acknowledged their role in empowering MUBAS to create an environment that fosters innovation, research, and academic excellence.

The media tour not only showcased the physical infrastructure and projects at MUBAS but also shed light on the institution's focus on Open and Distance Learning (ODeL). The newly constructed ODeL building, a project funded by the African Development Bank under the HEST project and the Malawi Government, is a testament to MUBAS's commitment to expanding access to education through flexible learning methods.

Private Mchenga, Senior Higher Education Officer in the Ministry of Education, who was also the media tour leader said: “We are extremely satisfied with what we have seen at MUBAS and it is the desire of the Ministry of Education to have such developments documented properly to make the nation be informed.” 

As the media tour concluded, it was evident that MUBAS is making substantial strides towards its goal of contributing to the realization of Malawi 2063. The showcased developments at the university are a clear indication of the institution's dedication to empowering its students, promoting research and innovation, and playing a pivotal role in the socio-economic growth of Malawi.

With public universities like MUBAS leading the way in providing quality education and fostering human capital development, Malawi is well-positioned to achieve its vision for a prosperous future as outlined in Malawi 2063.

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