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MUBAS Enrolls International Students

News   Hazviperi Mbizi   October 13, 2021
PIC: Some of the students after knocking off from lectures
In an effort to ensure that MUBAS is working towards fulfilling its goals, the university has registered a number of international students for the first time ever in the post graduate programmes.

The students who are studying various Masters programmes are coming from countries such as Rwanda, Botswana, Tanzania and Ethiopia.

One of the students, Christian Nsabimana who is studying Master of Science in Infrastructure Development and Management said that he was randomly searching for a programme of his interest when he noticed that it is being offered at MUBAS, hence he applied.

“I did not know MUBAS before, I knew nothing about Malawi. But when applying for ASIM scholarship, I got the University of Malawi among the host institutions, having also the program that I wanted the most,” said Nsabimana.

Some of the students are under the ASIM and DAAD scholarships which are being provided to successful candidates, both local and international under various post graduate programmes.

“The environment is good, lecturers are well organized, most of them are from my field, Civil Engineering, so I feel very interested in new knowledge, skills and attitude to be an addition to what I had,” explained Nsabimana.

Concurring with Nsabimana is Keketso Benjamin studying Master of Science in Environmental Health who highlighted that she knew about this programme from her former lecturer in Botswana.

“Classes are good and interactive, the staff is really engaged and are always willing to go an extra mile to make sure that each student is settled and comfortable enough to take on learning and overall enjoy their stay in Malawi,” said Benjamin.

Both students expressed the challenge they face in communication outside the classes because most people use the local language.

In an earlier interview, the Acting Vice Chancellor Associate Professor Nancy Chitera emphasized that it is one of the goals for MUBAS to enroll a great number of international students hence it will help boost the university ranking and recognition globally.


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