MUBAS empowers Female Students at Ladies' Conference

News   MUBAS   July 3, 2023
PIC: At the Ladies` Conference: Ass. Prof. Nancy Chitera and Dr. Bettie Chinyamunyamu
The Malawi University of Business and Applied Sciences (MUBAS) organized a ground-breaking Ladies' Conference aimed at empowering female students. Held on June 30, 2023, the conference revolved around the theme "Empowering her voice: Shaping futures and breaking barriers." The conference sought to equip young women with the tools and knowledge necessary to excel in various dimensions of their lives, including academics, sexual and reproductive health, and addressing gender-based violence.

The conference, a testament to MUBAS's commitment to fostering inclusivity and empowering women, featured distinguished speakers and experts who shared their valuable insights and experiences. Associate Professor Nancy Chitera, the Vice-Chancellor of MUBAS, delivered a warm welcome address, setting the stage for an enlightening and empowering event.

One of the keynote speakers, Professor Dorothy Nampota, the Executive Director for Malawi National Examinations Board (MANEB), focused on excelling academically and shaping the future. Her speech aimed to inspire and guide the young female students towards achieving their academic goals and aspirations.

Dr. Bettie Chinyamunyamu, CEO of National Smallholder Farmers` Association of Malawi (NASFAM), delivered the captivating keynote address titled "Finding your Voice and Standing up to be Counted: Women in Today's Society." Dr. Chinyamunyamu emphasized the importance of women finding their voices and making a significant impact in society. She stressed that qualifications alone hold little meaning without the values and ethics necessary for positive societal change.

Additional speakers at the conference included Dr. Dorothy Eneya, the MUBAS Librarian, who presented on "Breaking the Silence: Addressing Gender-based Violence." Her presentation shed light on the pressing issue of gender-based violence and highlighted the importance of raising awareness and taking action to combat this pervasive problem.

Mrs. Yamikani Chilinde enlightened attendees on "Academic Rules and Regulations," offering valuable insights into the academic requirements and regulations that young female scholars should be aware of to navigate their educational journey successfully.

Furthermore, Malawi Network of AIDS Service Organizations (MANASO) and the MUBAS Clinic jointly presented on "Nurturing our Health: Mental, Sexual, and Reproductive Well-being." This session emphasized the significance of prioritizing mental health and maintaining reproductive well-being while pursuing academic and professional goals.

The conference left a lasting impact on the attendees, with Faith Chinyamunyamu and Cinderella Chirwa, describing it as an eye-opener and emphasizing the importance of being guided by role models in society. 

The Vice-Chancellor, Associate Professor Nancy Chitera, acknowledged the transformative impact of such conferences on young scholars, helping them become focused on their career paths. She expressed gratitude to the visiting speakers for their thought-provoking presentations, which challenged the students to become agents of change aligned with the vision of Malawi 2063.

The Ladies Conference organized by MUBAS was an exceptional event that not only empowered female students but also fostered an environment of growth, understanding, and collaboration. By addressing crucial topics and providing a platform for dialogue, the conference has paved the way for a future where young women can thrive, make a positive impact, and break barriers in Malawian society.

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