MUBAS Alumni shine!

News   Hazviperi Mbizi   July 5, 2021
PIC: Nkoloma pose with Phiri and Ganya during the launch
MUBAS ICT fresh graduates have launched an IPAS Health and Gender Justice App for the Ministry of Health and IPAS Health Access Rights Malawi organization.

The team is comprised of former Bachelor of Information Technology students, these are; Yusuf Chimole, Francis Ganya, Bahati Phiri and Hanan Salim. They are operating under Lync Systems Organisation.

This app acts as a digital platform where the public can use to anonymously report issues to do with gender-based violence, family planning, human rights and many more.

Speaking during the launch, the IPAS Country Director Pansi Mihowa Katenga explained that they conducted a competition through ICTAM where Lync System won and were awarded the contract to design the App.

“There has been a lot of stigma and unreported cases in the country. With this App people can report cases anonymously. It also assists the youth who are ashamed to go to the health centres to access family planning methods,” said Katenga.

One of the Lync System Developer Bahati Phiri, made a presentation and demonstration on how the App operates.

Mayamiko Nkoloma, a lecturer in the Telecommunications Engineering Department, who has also been a mentor to the team, explained that he feels honored that his former students are being innovative and working with big organisations.

“The Minister of information mentioned that it only takes one innovator to change things. The future is in the hands of young people. It gives me joy to see that my former students have produced this app within a short period of time,” said Nkoloma.

Nkoloma advised those in school and studying this similar path to be passionate and work hard to achieve their goals. He added that they should not just focus on graduating and getting employed but should also be innovative at heart.


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