Motivating secondary school students

News   Hazviperi Mbizi   October 7, 2019
PIC: Kaluzi talking to students
Students from Polytechnic and Malawi University of Science and Technology (MUST) who are members of Stoical firm, visited six Community Day Secondary Schools in Ntcheu under the Nzotheka initiative.

 Stoical firm is an organization that is bloomed from students of the Polytechnic as a way of empowering youths in secondary schools, particularly CDSSs and rural communities.

The students are; Scoliat Chithokonya, Joseph Kaluzi, Mungo Kumilonde, Desire Chikagwa, Simeon Salambula, Abel Chilingulo and Daniel Zimba  while Yoweli Levinson is from MUST.

The president of Stoic, Scoliat Chithokonya explained that they also empower the youth in the rural community to believe in themselves and also market the UNIMA brand so that they should aim for it.

“We have different programs like the Nzotheka initiative which mainly focuses on equipping the students with a mindset that it's possible and skills they can use to maximize their potential. We also have the Stoical annual exposure tour, of which the best students in rural communities are taken on a tour, to universities,” he explained. 

The team visited Gowa, Kapalamula, Kabekele Scottish, Kampanje, Nthumbo and Khola CDSS.

One of the members Joseph Kaluzi explained that they tackled topics like, self-belief and confidence, skills for success, time management and goal setting.

“The reception was really great, and the students always stormed us with questions and after the program many usually left for man to man talks, to ask more personal questions,” he said.

Stoic calls upon UNIMA and its constituent colleges for support so that they can be used as a platform to sell the brand and other universities to the youth.


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