Let’s plant trees

News   Hazviperi Mbizi   February 26, 2019
PIC: Professor Saka planting a tree
Members of staff and students from the University of Malawi (UNIMA) colleges on Saturday, February 23 engaged in a tree planting exercise at Chigumula forest in Blantyre.

Speaking before the exercise, the Vice Chancellor of the University of Malawi (UNIMA), Professor John Kalenga Saka said; as UNIMA it is their responsibility to participate in this program.

Professor Saka explained that as academics, they know the importance of trees to the country. He also appreciated the presence of Weather Chasers Association of Malawi representatives.

“The youth have the duty of being leaders of tomorrow hence we need to mobilize ourselves to monitor and take care of the trees which are being planted today,” Saka said.

The Chairperson for Weather Chasers Association of Malawi Professor Sosten Chiotha explained that they decided to partner with UNIMA in this program because there is need for more trees to be planted in Malawi. He outlined some of the importance of trees; they help in preventing floods, brings oxygen and the green infrastructure beautifies the country.

Later, the assistant Zone Manager for the South, from the Department of Forestry Gerald Kamanga, demonstrated the tree planting process to the audience.

The Polytechnic Student Union president Japhet Nthala commended the Polytechnic students for coming, taking into account that they are on holiday.

He explained that the program was successful despite meeting the challenge of the date change which led to Kamuzu College of Nursing students not participating.

“The turnout was convincing, in total, the students exceeded the proposed number of two hundred students in total, from the three colleges,”Nthala explained

Nthala added that university students should be doing this continuously in their personal capacity not just under UNIMA.

Furthermore, The PSU president thanked the Polytechnic staff for the assistance of logistics rendered to the students for the exercise to be successful.

A third year Technical Education student Lonely Kandako described the event as important because trees play a good role in the production of timber. She advised her fellow students to replace those that are being cut. 

Over two thousand trees were planted by students from Chancellor College, College of Medicine and the Polytechnic.

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