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Journalism student launches third issue of Slice Magazine

News   Chapter Banda   November 22, 2018
PIC: Samati (c) - "Not because of political environment"
A third year Journalism and Media Studies student at the University of Malawi—The Polytechnic, Chief-Executive-Officer and founder of the Slice Magazine, Gary Samati on Monday, 19 November, 2018 launched a third issue which focuses on encouraging the youths to indulge themselves in entrepreneurship .

The magazine was officially launched on 17 August, 2017 at the Raphael Tenthani Centre for Media Excellence at the Polytechnic Chichiri Campus.

The magazine aims at empowering the youths by sharing stories about young people who do not get as much media attention as most of people which newspapers and other media platforms focus on.

The third issue has covered a lot of issues that will help in changing some youths’ mentality as it has featured some of the notable people who are doing well in Malawi.  Some of these people include The State Vice-President Dr Saulos K. Chilima, Tay Grin, Gwamba, Joy Nathu and many more.

According to Gary Samati, they decided to feature the Vice President of Malawi’s background and achievements to encourage the youths that everything is possible if they work hard.

“We chose Dr Saulos Klaus Chilima to feature in our magazine for a cover story titled ‘Time for A Change,’ not because of political environment; but we wanted to share the changes he has made throughout his life to the Malawians by looking at his works in the private sector and currently as he is the State Vice-President of Malawi,” Samati elaborated.

Samati added that the third edition has tackled a lot of issues that will give an opportunity to the youths to change their mindsets in the way they look at things that are concerning them.

“For instance, we have featured a number of young entrepreneurs who can be looked at as role models among the youths. Among these young entrepreneurs, some also graduated from The Polytechnic and they are progressing in the industry,” he said.

He further said they thought it wise to feature the likes of Gift Sukali also known as Sukez who is a founder and Director of an HD Plus Creation Limited and Mwayi Kampesi, a Founder and Chief-Executive-Officer of In-House Interiors who also featured in Forbes magazine on business issue article to inspire their fellow youths.

The third issue has also tackled a lot of burning issues that are affecting the youths such as ; why drugs and substances abuse are harmful to health among the youths and how the youths can indulge themselves in business through the article called ‘Business Ideas’ which has outlined free five business ideas to help them.

The magazine has also featured Nthanda Manduwi who was miss Malawi first Princess in 2017 and the famous hip hop artist Penjani Kalua also known as Fredokiss as the covers of its first and second issues respectively.

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