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Polytechnic's Electrical Engineering Lecturer shines in South Korea
September 26, 2017, Harris Chimatiro
Polytechnic's Electrical Engineering Lecturer shines in South Korea

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News   Hazviperi Mbizi   November 17, 2021
PIC: Delegates after the launch of the logo
MUBAS has launched and unveiled its magnificent logo in a very classic, stylish and auspicious ceremony which depicts that it is a giant and progressive institution of higher learning both within and outside the country.

The ceremony took place on 12th November 2021 which attracted people from all walks of life to stay glued to their Televisions and social media platforms.

The logo which symbolizes a number of core values which the institution is centered on, was designed by a fourth year Bachelor of Business Communication student at MUBAS Stonald Kuphunda, and launched by the Director of Higher Education Dr Levis Eneya.

Dr Eneya was welcomed by the MUBAS Chair of Council Professor George Kanyama Phiri and the Acting Vice Chancellor Associate Professor Nancy Chitera.

Speaking before unveiling, Associate Professor Chitera mentioned that the selection of the logo was inclusive because it involved the MUBAS management, council and other stakeholders in the logo selection team.

The guest of honor later unveiled the logo in a very fascinating way which attracted applause from the audience, fireworks and jubilations.

This was followed by the Acting Registrar. Ellius Chizimba giving a description of the main 8 features which are present on the logo.

In a nutshell he explained that the two female lions’ figures symbolize strength, helmet and test tube for engineering and applied sciences, brain and bulb for innovation, business and entrepreneurship, books representing source of knowledge and a shield symbolising a secured future for the university.

Speaking after the unveiling and launch ceremony, MUBAS Acting Vice Chancellor, expressed joy and pride that her institution now has a symbol that will represent its ideals and goals to prospective students and society at large.

Later delegates went outside to throw out ballons as one way of celebrating the new dawn of the university.



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