Girls in Engineering

News   Chikondi Chingota   October 11, 2019
PIC: Simwaka- Founder of IESAM
A Polytechnic Electrical and Electronics Engineering alumnus, by the name of Samuel Simwaka through his organization Institution of Engineering Science and Mathematics (IESAM) has launched a campaign dabbed ‘The Engineering Girl’ which will commence from 19th October 2019 at the Tele-Communications-Laboratory.

Simwaka explained his motives on the creation of this campaign; “We noted that there are less women in the engineering department especially in the construction side. We therefore have decided to launch this campaign whose mission is to mobilize and motivate girls in the engineering field as well as inspiring them to explore what engineering is all about.” 

He further explained that the activities aligned to prosper the campaign will include workshop training, programming sessions, entrepreneurship classes and lecturing sessions.

“Girls seem to have difficulties in modules concerning Mathematics, Science and Mechanics, we have therefore found a better, easier and enjoyable way of learning these modules,” narrated Simwaka. 

One of the girls involved in engineering studies, Debbie Sulungwe, who is studying advanced Diploma in Tele-Communications also commended the initiative upon hearing of it.

“It’s a very good initiative because girls are indeed lacking behind when it comes to engineering studies. In my class for example there were only 3 of us (girls) in a class that has about 40 students,” explained Sulungwe.

“I think the problem is mentality, girls seem to think engineering is a male-oriented profession or the society makes us to think that way but when we remove that mentality and focus on the job at hand and practice it whole heartedly, you will realize it’s a doable profession,” she added. 

The campaign is expected to run for the whole semester, classes or sessions will be conducted from Friday to Sunday in the afternoon.



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