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Engineering Students Develop Health Sector Devices

News   Joseph Ulemu   July 19, 2021
PIC: The interns and members of staff from the Faculty of Engineering
In a quest to address challenges faced in the health sector across the country, fourth year students from the Faculty of Engineering at MUBAS have developed advanced medical devices to ease medical operations.

This follows a six-weeks internship period in which three teams of students were engaged in projects to design different medical prototypes. The prototypes are renovations of the existing ones only that these are tailormade to be efficient, affordable and easily accessible by all local hospitals. 

In an interview, MUBAS Engineering Innovation Center Manager, Hillary Lodzanyama, expressed satisfaction with the work all teams have chalked up, acknowledging that they can still produce far better things than they have done.

“In a nutshell, we are trying to develop technologies within the country to solve problems health sector faces. We aim at bridging the gap whereby deficiencies in the devices used in hospitals are reduced. These will enable long life span and maintenance of devices be simplified since they are locally made,” Lodzanyama explained.

At the exhibitory event held at the ODeL Auditorium building on Friday, July 16 2021, students showcased various innovations. Some of the devices include; vein locator, low cost oxygen analyser, drip monitoring system, UVC Mask sterilizer and Movwiri (bone helper), all meant to improve the quality of medical processes.

One of the students, Hope Sandra Khasu, who was also part of the project hinted in an interview that with the COVID-19 Pandemic at hand, such innovations are timely as they are to work towards the fight against the pandemic.  

She said “people with COVID-19 need oxygen and, with oxygen concentrators, health practioners will be able to analyse the amount of oxygen they are supplying to patients.”

However, Hillary Lodzanyama underscored that they are working on scaling up the projects so they should  be manufactured and be made available on the market. 


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