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Student in career guidance
September 17, 2019, Chikondi Chingota
Student in career guidance

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Call for Applications for the Dreambuilder Online Certification Programme

Academic   Registrar   December 9, 2021

The Malawi University of Business and Applied Sciences in partnership with the Arizona State University (ASU) through the Strengthening Higher Activity Malawi (SHEAMA) is inviting applications for their DreamBuilder online course program. The DreamBuilder is a 13-course online business programme which aims at helping entrepreneurs achieve success. The courses cover basics of starting a business such as marketing, finance and accounting. The programme is online as such provides access for interactive and helpful tools and templates for participants to manipulate. 

During the training participants will be able to generate a business plan through the Programme Business Plan Generator guides. Since the programme is offered through Open Distance Learning (ODL) mode, it is flexible hence lasting between 3 to 5 weeks to complete. 

The participants who successfully complete the programme will be awarded a certificate of completion and may also a chance to win a small grant depending on the viability of their final Business Plan.


The call is open to this programme: Certificate in Electrical Installation (CEI).

How to Apply

  1. FILL in the Online application form using the link below or 
  2. FILL in the hard copy and send scanned applications to 
  3. For any further information please contact

Use the link below to FILL the online form

Deadline for receiving applications is Tuesday, 17th December 2021


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