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UNIMA to plant trees
February 12, 2019, Hazviperi Mbizi
UNIMA to plant trees

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MUBAS is @the Top!

News   Hazviperi Mbizi   November 1, 2021
PIC: The team at the Peak!
As one way of promoting a healthy living through sporting activities, MUBAS members of staff have managed to conquer Sapitwa, which is the highest peak on Mulanje mountain.

Speaking after a three-day journey, the MUBAS sports Administrator Chifundo Tenthani explained that they started hiking Mulanje Mountain on Friday 29 October 2021 and finished on 31 October 2021. 

MUBAS team comprised of Tamara Singini, Dr. Jolly Ntaba, Alice Ndalama and the Sports Administrator himself.

“We started off the hike from Likhubula Forest office at 08:00hrs via Skyline path on our way to Chisepo Hut where we spent the night,” said Tenthani.

The hike was led by Mulanje Conservation Trust’s Environment and Education Communications Programme Officer, Kondwani Chamwala in collaboration with the Hikers Alliance group, and true to their motto "Leave No One Behind" they assisted even the slowest hikers to reach their destination.

Chamwala explained that he appreciates when people from different places around and beyond the country come to witness the voice of the mountain.

“I would like to encourage people to come and learn about the environment and waste management and also appreciate the beautiful scenery of the mountain. To avoid atrocities, they need to follow the proper procedure. They must consult my office or the forestry department so that they should be assigned proper guiding men because every hike is a new hike,” said Chamwala.

Tenthani narrated how day two was the hardest since it took them about 5 hours to accomplish a 4km trip to the peak. 

“After descending, we spent a night at Chambe Hut where we had different activities including story telling over a bonfire. On day 3 of 3 we left for Likhubula using Chapaluka Path via Dziwe La Nkhalamba. We got back to Likhubula Forest Office 3 hours later at 1228hrs,” he explained.

He concluded by saying that the journey was tough, grueling but above all enjoyable, educative and just awesome. They have made new friends and are eager to join the next trip that Hikers Alliance will organise, to whom the team is grateful.

“Keep fit and keep walking, MUBAS is@theTOP remember the next MUBAS Fun Walk is on 7 November 2021 from Milare to Madziabango and back.” he added.


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